Child Contact Centre



Statement on Operating Policies

The Horsham Child Contact Centre recognises the importance of working to a set agreed and coherent policies covering all aspects of its operation. For this reason the Management Committee has agreed to adopt a set of policies in accordance with the National Association of Child Contact Centre. All staff and volunteers are trained in each of the policies, all of which are available for clients and public to view.

Each policy is available as a PDF to download. Please click on the links below to download them.

Child Protection Policy pdf
Complaints Procedure pdf
Confidentiality Policy pdf
Data Protection Policy pdf
DBS Information for Staff and Volunteers Policy pdf
Disciplinary Procedure pdf
Diversity Policy pdf
Domestic Abuse and Conflict Management Policy pdf
Equal Opportunities Policy pdf
Grievance Procedure pdf
Health and Safety Policy pdf
Information Security Policy pdf
Privacy Policy pdf
Recruitment of Ex Offenders Policy pdf
Security Incident Response Procedure pdf
Subject Access Request Policy pdf
Toy Policy pdf
Volunteer Policy pdf
Whistleblowing Policy pdf