Child Contact Centre


Supervised Contact Sessions

Supervised contact ensures the physical safety and emotional wellbeing of a child when risks have been identified. It also assists in building and sustaining positive relationships between a child and members of their non-resident family. Contact sessions will be supervised by a paid and qualified member of staff and reports written.

Handover can be arranged through the normal referral system. Parents do not have to meet and the children can be transported from one address to another.

Life story work. This work would be undertaken by a qualified and experienced social worker. Depending on the age of the child the work can be completed with the child and their pictures and memories can be included.

Escorted contact. This is where children and a parent are escorted in the community. This can enable children to attend family events or take part in activities that would normally be excluded.

Contact in the family home. This is similar to supervised contact and ensures the physical and emotional wellbeing of the child where risks have been identified. This type of work is undertaken by paid and qualified members of staff. The family are observed and reports are written.

Review. This is primarily for families that attend supported contact .The review enables the family to look at how contact can progress from the centre. Reviews are completed with both parents and the children separately. The views of the child are of significant value. There is a negotiation via the management team and the parents as to the way forward for contact. This plan is writtenup and sent to both parties to enable contact to progress.

Prices on application to sarah.hccc@kingdomfaith.com

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